Dissertation research questions to include in your paper to make it outstanding

You may have chosen the topic for your dissertation but now come the more difficult part – you have to develop the research question! This can be a very crucial time as whatever you decide for your research question will influence all rest of your dissertation and what you are going to do with all of the information that you have amassed.

It also helps you to decide on the framework of your paper: it helps to give clarity to all your ideas and will determine the structure of your proposal, literature review, methodology including data analysis.

Here is how to develop the research question:

  1. Be driven by your own interests. It the topic does not interest you then you are going to find it hard to engage your reader.
  2. Take your time when trying to develop your research question. It is not something that you can just write down and leave it.
  3. The magic word is 'develop'. While you are developing your ideas, you should spend time researching for your literature review.
  4. Look for gaps in the research that is available, because ideally you are looking to fill that gap.
  5. Also spend time looking at the methodology that has been used and decide what may be appropriate for your paper.

Make sure that you discuss your research question with your professor and also the panel that will be approving your proposal. They may a few changes to it before it is 'good to go'.

A research question needs to have:

  • An Innovative approach.
  • Needs to be clear and comprehensive. The clarity to be understood by the reader.
  • Must be practical. Be wary to using too many variables. If you use or want to use too many variables then you are really looking at having more than one research question.
  • Any data that is collected needs to be analysed using traditional tools. If you use other tools then your data cannot be compared to other academic work.
  • Must be short and free of any jargon.

Essentially if you follow all of these points you will make your work amazing.