Find out the correct dissertation structure: valuable points to go through

Writing a dissertation? Then try some of the going through these valuable points that other writers have made that can help you to keep your work to the correct structure for a dissertation.

  1. Stay focused. Being focused has a lot to do with the structure of your work. Don't just focus on the topic, focus on basic writing principals such as making sure that each paragraph has a introductory sentence etc.
  2. The Hypothesis. You are not going to get the wording of this correct the first time. It's a work in progress. Each time you tell someone about the focus of your paper, you will naturally refine your language a little more each time.
  3. Keep a project diary. This is a good idea for many reasons including that it helps keep you focused on the structure of your work. As you think of ideas, jot them done in the relevant section that they belong, for example 'results'.
  4. Focus on the Introduction. This is the section informs the reader of the how, what and why of your paper. Here you encourage the reader to appreciate when the topic is of interest to you and why they should also be interested.
  5. What you did. Make sure that the structure of the main part (methodology) of you paper explains why you did what you did and what order that you did it in. If they want to repeat the process themselves they will know how.
  6. Results. Structure this section so that it illustrates you thought process. you will also need to show what you did with any data and what analysis that you applied to your results
  7. Conclusions. What were you able to infer from the results? This section is where you need to include thoughts you have about the strengths and weaknesses of you paper and what you would do different another time.
  8. The Abstract. Always leave the abstract until the last. By this time you will be more able to precis the whole of the paper in a few well chosen sentences that will be most appropriate.

is also a really good idea to proofread your work, preferably get someone else to also proofread it then you will know that your work is as good as you have aimed for.
Good Luck!