List Of 20 MBA Dissertation Topics About Stock Markets

For you to prepare your MBA dissertation in stock markets, it is crucial to lay out exhaustive internet research as well as book reading in order to gather relevant data in the topic. When it comes to dissertations on stock markets, it is essential to come up with substantial scholarly papers about it which are hinged on the most recent information and up-to-date data.

You can consider tracking regular reviews, blogs and news items in stock markets. In so doing, this shall allow you to be able to shortlist a few of the most excellent thesis subjects on stock markets. Note that when picking stock market dissertation topics, you should always select a subject that you are engrossed in, the topic which the advisor finds appealing and is insightful about, something that is useful in your career path, a subject that could establish your niche in the chosen area and of course a topic that is easy to manage.

Here is a list of dissertation topics on stock market:

  1. Is partnership between the private and private sectors indispensable?
  2. A Network Theory Approach: Clustering in Fiscal Markets
  3. Preferences and changes: the commercial banking evolution
  4. Discuss stock trend prediction through the help of news articles
  5. What is the western sanction’s impact on the fiscal market of Russia at the time of Ukraine/Russia crisis that took place in the year 2014 to 2015?
  6. Discuss foreign exchange risk management within banks
  7. The growth and implementation of investment banking in looming markets
  8. Discuss the rapidly growing popularity of index and mutual funds
  9. Chief Executive Officer Compensation Structure and Company Risk Taking
  10. Discuss the fiscal viability of chosen fiscal products that are available in the local market
  11. Stock analyst coverage and price synchronicity in looming markets
  12. Examine and determine the significance of individual investment. Discuss exhaustively the practicality of individual investment to fuel the economy
  13. Discuss acquisitions & market performance: An analysis of the connection of premiums, takeover bids and fiscal methods to OMXS index
  14. Discuss the benefits of using management risk options in the banking industry
  15. Discuss and analyze the distinct roles of WTO in the international fiscal market
  16. Discuss credit crisis in fiscal market
  17. The analysis, scope and nature of the aspects of risk management of global banking activities in Europe
  18. Are emerging markets less expensive?
  19. Discuss the accelerated development of global microfinance
  20. How pivotal it is access to credit as well as other fiscal services when it comes to growth and investment?