Refreshing strategies for your tourism management dissertation

Starting any piece of written work can be a daunting experience. But if you follow these strategies, you can write an amazing tourism management dissertation.

  • Strategy 1
    This may sound boring but take the time to read through the instructions that you professor has given you and make a note of:
    • The word count, including guidance of the number of words that you need to use in each section.
    • The submission date. Plan your time and factor in time to proofread your work or pay someone to do it for you.
    • Referencing format that you need to use. Be familiar with it even though most word processing packages will organise it for you.
  • Strategy 2
    Use a project diary. If yo have not used one before then try these useful tips to get you started.
    • The most important aspect of keeping a project diary is that it will save you time later plus it keeps all of your information and ideas in one place.
    • You can either use a note book or start a new folder/document on your laptop/tablet or i phone so you can add to or access info.
    • Make a note of your thought processes as you work; notes about references and ideas about writing up your dissertation as they come to you.
  • Strategy 3
    Read other dissertations (you may be able to access these from your professor or online as free samples).
    • Initially focus on the content and ideas that are contained in these samples. Note your reaction, did you find them interesting or boring?
    • Look at the quality of the work. Ideally get hold of a paper that has been annotated so you know the pitfalls to avoid.
    • Are there some ideas that you can use in your own work? Can you build on some of the recommendations that have already been made?
  • Strategy 4
    Look back through your course notes, as you may have jotted down a few ideas during lectures. Look for ideas that are a feasible study but think outside the box.
    • Seek popular topics but explore from a different angle. Perhaps from the point of view of the tourist as opposed to management intervention.
    • Although writing a dissertation is an academic process, you can still endeavour to draw the reader into your work.
    • Remember that you need to make recommendations based on your study and its findings that are interesting and useful to the tourism industry.

Even if you have tried only one of these strategies you are on your way to producing an awesome essay.