Graduate dissertation writing: selecting easy and interesting topic

There is a lot of pressure on you when you need to start writing a paper and one of the biggest problems right at the start is picking out sample dissertation titles that are not just interesting, it is also easy.

At this point it is worth considering that generally the most successful writers and that includes dissertation writers, use topics that are 'easy'. They are usually topics that just concentrate on one aspect only.

Easy topics concentrate on one particular aspect and do it well, whereas dissertation topics that try to cover too much in one paper tend to lose sight of the goal and cause confusion for the writer and the reader.

  • Start by:
    • Take a few minutes to jot down some ideas for topics that you may already have. Some ideas may be more complex than others, but that is OK.
    • Choose some key words that link to your field of study and some of the topics that you have already considered.
  • Now Try:
    • Using an academic search engine, look websites that can give you lists of title suggestions in your field of study.
    • At this point you will probably have a big list of suggested web sites, check out the first 4 sites.
  • Next:
    • Working your way through the lists you may also find some sample papers, have a look at these to see how other writers have developed the topics.
    • Some lists may not be as helpful as they seem on the first impression. Make a list of 5 or 6 that interest you.
  • Now try:
    • Now look very carefully at the list. Pick out two or three titles that really appeal to you.
    • Spend a few minutes brainstorming ideas for each of the titles. Which of the titles/topic areas did you find were:
      • a) the most interesting to you
      • b) the easiest to develop
      • c) the one that you felt most inspired to write about.

If you have worked through all of this then the topic you have at the end is probably the one that you will be able to write about with ease and be able to enthuse your reader with your interest.