Collection Of 20 Topic Ideas For Your PhD Thesis Paper

Do you need to finish a PhD thesis paper this term, but have yet to figure out the steps that you’ll need to take to get from the start of the project to the finish? The first step is to understand the main topic ideas that you can use to work on. It is vital that you select a favorable topic for you, and here are some suggestions to do just that:

  1. What is the reason why smoking has such a grip on many people around the world?
  2. What can be done to reduce the reliance on crude oil?
  3. Do you feel that the junk food craze is a sign that humans are not logical creatures?
  4. Name the top 3 USA presidents in the history of the nation
  5. What can be done to increase the amount of people with good quality jobs?
  6. Is there a way to increase the number of students that opt for science based projects?
  7. How can you improve you motivation levels for all tasks in your life?
  8. How do you explain the amount of power that is being misused around the world?
  9. How can you increase your ability to make sure proper grammar is used at all times?
  10. Name the most exciting sport in the world and why is it so?
  11. What is the best sports person in the world and why?
  12. Do you feel that the number of people who are trying to get fit are doing it the right way?
  13. How has the internet affected the social relationships that we have?
  14. Name one social issue in the world today and examine it from every angle
  15. Consider the top sports person in your favorite sport and examine why they are successful
  16. Give an account about the principles of success put forward by Napoleon Hill
  17. What are the main reasons why you might decide to increase your income?
  18. What are the factors that decide how much you will make?
  19. Are enough small business owners given enough support by their government?
  20. Who should be responsible for the number of students that are not performing as well as they should be?